Studio Hire

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Need a professional voice-over and production studio that won’t cost you an arm and a leg?

The 92.5 Phoenix FM studio is available for hire. We can accommodate all types of radio show, voice-over, promo or advertising projects.

Facilities include a talk studio which comfortably seats five presenters, a control room with recording and broadcasting equipment as well as a reception area suitable for guests or members of a production team to sit while a show is being recorded. Additional seats are available in the control room.

The talk studio is equipped with one Rode Broadcaster and four Rode Procaster microphones. Each of the microphones is coupled with its own set of headphones in which the presenter can hear themselves speak as well as any playback coming from the control room.

At the centre of the control room is a Sonifex Sovereign MX14s mixing desk which interfaces with two PCs for playback and recording, two Philips cd decks, two Sony minidisc players, an auxiliary line-in for mp3 players or laptops, two telephone lines, all microphones from the talk studio as well as the control room’s own Rode Broadcaster and Sampson S2 microphones. The control room has both Denon studio monitors and headphones for the sound engineer. The engineer can also communicate through his microphone into the headphones of the presenters in the talk studio via the “talk-back” function.

Signal is recorded through a BW DSPX FM multiband limiter and a Behringer Ultramizer Pro to give that “professional” radio sound. The main studio PC features Adobe Audition, into which all material is recorded and can subsequently be edited, if necessary. The PC also features various software programs for the playback of any media material. These include Zara Radio, VLC Player, Windows Media Player or Audition itself.

The studio is fully wheelchair accessible. Wireless internet is available on the PCs and any mobile Wi-Fi devices.

The studio is available weekdays from 2pm until 6pm. Our rate is €125 for this time slot. An additional €125 is charged should you need an audio engineer to operate the equipment.
Contact or call 01 8227222

All prices ex.VAT

92.5 Phoenix FM complies with the Governance Code for Type B organisations.

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